Paper Den


A 'den' is a secluded room in a house that is quiet, comfortable and suited for the pursuit of creative activities. 

My name is Karen te Brake-Baldock. I am a mother of two and work part-time in the cultural heritage sector.

I have always loved to draw, paint and make things with my hands. In 2016 I started Paper Den because I missed being creative. I had not really drawn or made much since my early twenties and having your own business is a great excuse to be creative! I only work by hand and love to use ink, gouache, watercolour and different kinds of paper.  Read more and see my portfolio on the Paper Den website here.

I grew up in Perth, Western Australia,  but have been living most of my adult life in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

My Paper Den is a little room in our house where I can escape to. It used to be the nursery for the children and is tiny!  Now the kids are a bit older and we have a dog to keep my lovely husband occupied I can enjoy making and creating in the Paper Den. 

I love to meet people who, like me, love to draw, paint and be creative with and on paper. Paper Den workshops are designed to be accessible for people with any level of drawing experience as I focus on teaching how to use specific materials and techniques. By the end of a Paper Den workshop you will have made at least one finished piece of art and (I hope!) be inspired to continue to create at home. 

In the Paper Den webshop you will find cards and posters with a selection of my illustrations, ink drawing starter kits and tickets for upcoming workshops. The starter kits are 'workshops in a box' with materials and instructions so that you can make your own ink drawing at home. The instructions in the starter kits are in Dutch but an English language version can be made on request.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about a custom illustration, a private workshop or buying Paper Den stationary wholesale, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Bye for now!


+31 6 2449 5331